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Plus 4 per cent for DIY stores in France in September


For the third month in a row, sales at DIY stores in France were up year-on-year in September. The sector saw a 4.22 per cent increase in sales compared to September 2021, according to figures released by the Banque de France and published by the French trade association FMB. Sales by volume were 1.38 per cent below last year. In the first nine months, French DIY stores turned over 2.25 per cent less than in the same period last year; sales by volume were down 6.49 per cent.

"Rising energy prices and the government's announcement on energy saving have naturally boosted the heating product group (pellets, alternative heating sources). Even if this growth must be put into perspective due to inflation, the industry trend remains positive," the association commented on the September figures. Compared to September 2019, DIY sales in France grew by 19 per cent.

(Source: FMB)
(Source: FMB)
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