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DIY market in France recovers in 2019, DIY retail less clearly

The market share of Castorama, the number two of the French DIY retail market, now amounts to 14 per cent, down one percentage point.

The French DIY market grew in the year 2019 by 3.4 per cent to an overall volume of EUR 28 bn. The associations of DIY stores and manufacturers FMB and Inoha, who presented the industry figures at a press conference which was broadcast online, spoke relievedly of a market recovery; in the year 2018 there had only been an increase of 0.4 per cent.

The positive development also continued into January and February 2020 according to the associations, but was then stopped by the corona pandemic and the shutdown in France. The industry now hopes that consumers will continue with projects which were initiated but not previously completed, which stem, among other things, from the high transaction figures on the second-hand property market.

However DIY stores hadn't participated in the overall growth of 3.4 per cent to this amount. Their sales grew by 2.5 per cent to a volume of EUR 20.447 bn (74 per cent of the overall market). Specialist trade rose over-proportionally with an increase of 3.5 per cent (EUR 4.042 bn, 14 per cent market share). The largest increase continues to be recorded by the online retailers; however their growth has significantly weakened: after 18 per cent in the year 2018, growth in 2019 only amounted to 11.8 per cent (EUR 2.415 bn, 9 per cent market share). Food retail grew with its DIY ranges by 2.7 per cent to EUR 748 mio (3 per cent share).

Leroy Merlin built up its market leadership among the DIY stores and increased its market share by one percentage point to 37 per cent. The two other sales channels in Groupe Adeo - Weldom and Bricoman - continue to maintain 4 and 3 per cent respectively. Down one percentage point each is the market share of the two sales channels in the Kingfisher group: Castorama now amounts to 14 per cent, Brico Dépôt 13 per cent.

| 8 May 2020 | 12:05


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