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Ace over 6 billion dollars for the first time

Key figures of Ace Hardware.

Key figures of Ace Hardware.

The headquarters of Ace Hardware, the largest retail-owned hardware cooperative, has exceeded the USD 6 bn mark with its annual sales for the first time. In financial year 2019, the company made sales of USD 6.0712 bn (EUR 5.6019 bn), thus 6.2 per cent more than last year. Of this, USD 5.5645 bn (EUR 5.1344 bn) was attributed to the wholesale business (up 4.1 per cent) and USD 506.7 mio (EUR 467.5 mio) to the stores operated by the headquarters (up 35 per cent).

Overall, 5 366 stores (end of 2019) belong to the cooperative after 208 stores were added during the year and 95 ceased. Around 810 stores are operated by retailers in around 65 countries outside of the USA.

For the store network in the USA, the headquarters reported only the growth rates on the basis of the feedback from around 3 200 associated traders. According to this, the same-store sales grew last year by 2.8 per cent as a result of a 2.6 per cent increase in average ticket and a 0.2 per cent increase in same-store transactions.

Sales through the online shop under rose by 59 per cent.

|20 February 2020 | 12:39


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