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Franz-Peter Tepaß of Obi is the new BHB head

Franz-Josef Tepaß from Obi it the new speaker of the board of BHB.

Franz-Josef Tepaß from Obi it the new speaker of the board of BHB.

The new chairman of the German DIY industry association BHB is from Obi. Franz-Peter Tepaß, managing director of Obi GmbH & Co. Deutschland KG and thus boss of the biggest DIY store chain in Germany, was appointed the board's new speaker. René Haßfeld, chairman of the management at Toom Baumarkt, assumes the former BHB duties of Tepaß as financial director as well as the position of the chairman's deputy.

A new election was necessary because Ralf Bartsch relinquished his office at BHB after retiring from the management of speciality retailer Brüder Schlau (Hammer stores). He became chairman of the association only a year ago.

| 6 December 2019 | 12:40


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