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Waiting times in front of the reopening Swiss DIY stores

The DIY store operaters in Switzerland reponed their stores last Monday.

The DIY store operaters in Switzerland reponed their stores last Monday.

The opening of the DIY stores in Switzerland on Monday this week, 27 April, led to great interest from customers at many locations. This has been unanimously confirmed by the major DIY store operators, including the Swiss retailers Coop Bau + Hobby, Migros (Do it + Garden and Obi) and Jumbo.

In particular demand on the first day - of course also due to seasonal influxes: "Garden, Garden, Garden," as one speaker from the Hornbach chain, originating from Germany, put it. Flowers and seedlings, soils, fertilisers and garden equipment have been named by the operators, as well as everything that comes under the garden-leisure category.

The Landi stores have taken on a unique position, as they remained open during lockdown although with a limited product assortment. Therefore, significantly fewer customers came, while at the same time online demand rose enormously, according to the company which has discovered: "The online shop, however, doesn't even come close to compensating for the stores' drop in sales."

|29 April 2020 | 12:51

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