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Swiss DIY stores grow in double-digit figures

In the DIY trade in Switzerland, the positive swings of the sales curve in the first half of the year were somewhat less drastic than in Germany and Austria. The DIY stores increased their sales compared to the same period last year by 3.5 per cent, like-for-like 3.6 per cent to CHF 1.82 bn (EUR 1.69 bn). Just like their neighbours however, there were unusually high gains in the second quarter, namely an overall increase of 14.4 per cent and like-for-like of 14.3 per cent.

The product group other (+20.3 per cent) as well as construction elements (+15.4 per cent) recorded the strongest growth rates. Losses were made by the segments automotive (-13.3 per cent) and technology/office/entertainment (-10.9 per cent).

|20 August 2020 | 11:28


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