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Mr. Bricolage grows on a like-for-like store basis

Of the 708 locations belonging to the group in France, 298 were operated under the Mr. Bricolage brand.

Of the 708 locations belonging to the group in France, 298 were operated under the Mr. Bricolage brand.

The 778 DIY stores at the end of the year in the French Mr. Bricolage group, including the online shop, made sales to the amount of EUR 1.9686 in 2019. That is 1.2 per cent less than in the previous year. However on a like-for-like store basis, sales rose by 1.4 per cent. EUR 1.6976 bn was attributed to France (708 stores); here there was a decline by 2.0 per cent and, like-for-like, a plus of 0.9 per cent. The 70 stores abroad increased their sales by 5.6 per cent (like-for-like 4.2 percent) to EUR 262.4 mio.

Of the 708 locations in France, 298 belonged to the Mr. Bricolage sales channel. Among these at the end of the year were also 13 stores directly owned by the headquarters. Eight have since been dropped, the headquarters didn't find a buyer for five; they are to be closed. On the reporting date, 104 locations belonged to the Les Briconautes sales channel after the last directly-owned store had been sold during the year. A total of 306 affiliate stores are operated by members under independent brands.

In January 2020, 61 new members joined the group. The number of locations therefore rose to 837 at the end of January.

The Mr. Bricolage headquarters want to completely concentrate on their network services business after the split from their originally 65 directly-owned stores; supporting and developing the performance of the member and affiliate stores. The turnover for this activity increased by 6.2 per cent to EUR 213.9 mio in 2019. The company continues to hold on to the goal of taking care of a network of 1 000 branded and affiliate stores until 2028. In particular the four pillar concept, with which proximity positioning is to be driven, is expected to contribute to this. The, until now, ten Mr. Bricolage member stores which already implement this concept, increased their sales in 2019 by more than 10 per cent on a like-for-like basis, according to the company.

| 6 March 2020 | 12:29


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