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DIY stores in Europe remain open

In Europe, DIY stores and garden centres remain open during the second wave of coronavirus.

In Europe, DIY stores and garden centres remain open during the second wave of coronavirus.

In Europe, the second wave of coronavirus has led to further lockdowns, but DIY stores and garden centres are not as badly affected this time. The rules in some key countries are as follows:

In Germany, the continent's biggest home improvement market, all retailers, thus including DIY stores, are being permitted to remain open.

In Belgium, currently seen as the worst affected country, DIY stores and garden centres can remain open. They belong to the 15 retail categories deemed essential. Other retail categories must close for six weeks, however.

In France, which is once again locked down, home improvement stores are likewise permitted to continue to open.

In Great Britain, DIY stores are deemed to be essential and may remain open during the lockdown from 5 November to 2 December. Garden centres in England and Scotland can also open, while a decision regarding this is pending in Wales.

In the Netherlands, there are no restrictions on retailers other than the normal hygiene regulations and the prohibition on opening after eight pm.

In Spain hardware stores and DIY centres are still open, as are all other retailers. Different limitations on store capacity apply from region to region, however. The most stringent restrictions are in Catalonia, where retailers have to reduce their sales areas to 800 m². If a new lockdown happens, the hardware and DIY retail trade fear closure because it is not deemed an essential service.

| 3 November 2020 | 11:47


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