Bunnings subsidiary Adelaide Tools to become Tool Kit Depot


Bunnings announces that Adelaide Tools will become Tool Kit Depot, positioning the professional tools business for expansion into Western Australia starting in October. Bunnings acquired Adelaide Tools in 2020, as part of its strategy to deepen its relationships with trade customers. The retailer sells a range of professional power tools, power gardening and heavy machinery, along with a tool servicing offer.
Mike Schneider, Bunnings managing director, said: "Earlier this year we opened a new Adelaide Tools store in Parafield where we trialled new concepts and the response from customers was incredibly positive. It's given us confidence in the evolution of the format that we need to take the business into WA and beyond."
The first four Tool Kit Depot stores will launch before Christmas in Western Australia, Schneider added. In time, Bunnings plans to rollout additional stores across Australia and New Zealand.
According to a press release issued by Bunnings, the Tool Kit Depot name was chosen as it creates instant familiarity for trade customers, positioning the store as a destination for their needs, while a new logo, featuring a dog, conveys the qualities of partnership, loyalty and trust the business aspires to.
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