Febin Director Piet de Coninck is successor

Hima General Director Ralf Rahmede is retiring

As co-founder and chairman, Ralf Rahmede, general director of Hima, represents the establishment of the Global DIY-Summit.
As co-founder and chairman, Ralf Rahmede, general director of Hima, represents the establishment of the Global DIY-Summit.

Ralf Rahmede, general director of the European association of manufacturers Hima and the German association of manufacturers HHG, is retiring. He led HHG for twelve years. He will stand down from these roles at the end of October.
The long-standing Vice General Director Norbert Lindemann will succeed him at HHG. At Hima (Fediyma vzw), Piet de Coninck will be assuming the management; Piet de Coninck is executive director of Febin, the association of the Belgian DIY industry. Fediyma Edra Kongress GmbH will continue to be led by Edra general director John W. Herbert as general director and Iñaki Maillard as authorised signatory, Piet de Coninck will also be succeeding Ralf Rahmede there as general director.
As general director, he significantly helped to form the positioning of supplier interests, both in the German association as well as in the international amalgamation of the association of manufacturers in the DIY industry, Hima. Not least, as co-founder and chairman, he represents the establishment of the Global DIY-Summit together with John W. Herbert and Iñaki Maillard.
"In the past twelve years, Ralf Rahmede has pushed ahead with the strategic further development of Hima with high momentum. In doing so, he strengthened cooperation between the trade associations on a European level for the long term. With a clear vision, he paved the way for successful alliances with the European DIY Retail Association, Edra, and thus made international successes such as the Global DIY-Summit possible," declares Reinhard Wolff, President Hima.
Edra General Secretary John Herbert comments on his long-term companion's leaving as follows: "Probably one of the most successful of all my activities was being the Co-Founder of the Global DIY Summit along with Ralf Rahmede. Joined by Iñaki Maillard I believe we had the perfect team for these events. My main role was the Networking, Inaki the 'Genius' in organising this event and Ralf the finance manager, who negotiated the contracts, and who held a steady hand over all the activities. Ralf Rahmede played a major part in the success of the ten Global DIY Summit's. We had a most trusting relationship and it was a huge pleasure to work with Ralf and I wish him many happy and healthy years in retirement."
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