‘A thought-provoking year’

Coronavirus grants Hornbach an increase in sales of 15.6 per cent

Hornbach operates 161 branches throughout Europe.
Hornbach operates 161 branches throughout Europe.

The coronavirus pandemic, according to the German Hornbach group, has granted the company 'a thought-provoking year 2020/2021' (1 March 2020 to 28 February 2021): a withdrawal back into our own four walls, more time spent working from home and consumer behaviour which has changed for the long-term have hugely boosted the demand for building and DIY assortments, the company has noticed. Against this backdrop, the 161 (previous year: 160) DIY and garden stores throughout Europe as well as online shops in nine countries and two specialist trade locations have increased sales for the group by 15.6 per cent to EUR 5.117 bn. Like-for-like sales net of currency effects in the DIY and garden stores increased throughout the group by 14.7 per cent.
With the exception of Sweden and Romania, all Hornbach regions in financial year 2020/2021 were affected by temporary stationary closures for private customers. Sales to commercial customers as well as click & collect for private customers were mostly still possible as well as the nationwide online trade.
Net sales in Germany rose by 18.2 per cent to EUR 2.654 bn - more strongly than in the group average. Like-for-like growth amounted to 18.6 per cent. Even though Hornbach did not open any new locations here, the market share, also thanks to online growth, increased from 11.3 to 12.1 per cent, according to information from the company.
In the eight countries outside Germany, Hornbach recorded a sales growth of 12.8 per cent to EUR 2.463 bn including the newly opened DIY store in Oradea in Romania in September 2020 as well as the online trade. The foreign portion of group sales declined from 49.3 per cent to 48.1 per cent because as a whole, the international stores were more strongly affected by the lockdown than German branches during financial year 2020/2021. Like-for-like sales net of currency effects were raised by Hornbach in the rest of Europe by 10.8 per cent. Including currency factors, like-for-like sales also rose by 10.8 per cent.
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