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DIY stores are the second-biggest distribution channel for bathroom ranges with a market share of 28.0 per cent.
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In the bathrooms category, distance selling is the fastest growing distribution channel. This has implications for the position of the home improvement stores in this market, as can be seen in Europe
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Volume sales of products for the bathroom total 11.232 bn euros in central Europe (at retail prices). This is the amount spent annually by consumers there on bathroom furniture, illuminated mirrors, mirror cabinets, washbasins, washbasin fittings and bathroom accessories. DIY stores are the second-biggest distribution channel for bathroom ranges with a market share of 28.0 per cent.
The figure was revealed by a study entitled "The market for bathroom furniture in Central Europe until 2025", which was published by the German consultancy firm Titze. The countries analysed in the study were Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Great Britain, France and Italy. DIY International asked the author Winfried Titze for more detailed information on the DIY store distribution channel.

How have DIY stores developed in the past as a distribution channel in this range category in the countries looked at?

The market share of the DIY stores has declined to a small extent. Significant factors here are the strength of the other distribution channels and the efficiency of the stores' own marketing. In recent years the plumbing and sanitary ware trade has relinquished its clear market leadership, and its market share is below average especially in the populous countries of France, Great Britain and Germany. The market has developed best for DIY stores in Great Britain, where the furniture trade is doing poorly. In the German-speaking countries, the picture is the complete opposite: nowhere has furniture stores as strong as in Germany and Austria. In France, too, the furniture trade is doing much better than average. The closure of Praktiker and Max Bahr has additionally impacted the market position of the DIY stores in Germany.

How are DIY stores faring in the individual countries with regard to bathroom ranges?

Their market share is highest in Great Britain with 33.0 per cent. In most countries the market share is between 25 and 31 per cent, but it is much lower in Germany at 19 per cent and in Austria at 16 per cent.

In which countries will DIY stores gain market share and in which will they lose it?

Up to 2025 the market share will only show a positive trend in the Netherlands, which has high-performing, attractive DIY stores. The furniture trade, on the other hand, is not dominant. We expect to see the greatest losses in Great Britain, with market share down 4 per cent. The reason for this is the continuing particularly dynamic development of…
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