Made4DIY, Michele Zucca (right) and Ivan Bartolucci (president and general manager)
Michele Zucca (right) and Ivan Bartolucci were confirmed in their roles as president and general manager after the first three years.
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In just four years, Made4DIY has grown from six to 35 members. The association specifically promotes manufacturers in Italy’s home improvement and garden sector
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Made4DIY regards itself as the leading association in Italy for companies operating in the field of large-scale retail distribution in the DIY and gardening industry. The association was unveiled to the public in June 2013 during the 2nd Global DIY Summit held in Rome, the main networking event of the international DIY and home improvement industry. The Summit is organised directly by Fediyma, the European Federation of DIY Manufacturers, to which Made4DIY belongs, and Edra, the European DIY Retail Association.
Made4DIY started operating four years ago as a group of six companies; today the association has grown and is now composed of 35 Italian manufacturing companies. The first triennial meeting was concluded on 13 February. The annual general assembly was also convened, during which the board of directors of Made4DIY was reappointed. On the board of directors, Michele Zucca was re-confirmed as president and Ivan Bartolucci was also reappointed to the role of general manager.
The board of directors is otherwise made up of vice-president Marco Orlandelli (Organizzazione Orlandelli S.r.l.) and the other directors: Davide Broccoli (Vetrotec S.r.l.), Roberto Gradari (Gollinuci S.r.l.), Luigi Mancuso (DAB Pumps S.p.A.), Federico Scriattoli (Arcansas S.r.l.), and Simone Zinelli (Comferut S.r.l.).
The association brings together heterogeneous companies with a common goal: to develop the DIY channel in Italy and abroad by keeping up to date with industry trends and creating a structure that can serve as a database and information centre. Given the characteristics of the country in which the association operates and the specifics of the industry, those responsible for running the association believe that it has made good progress in a short time.
At present Made4DIY includes companies of different types and sizes, from large multinational groups to small and medium-sized companies. The sectors which are represented are gardening, horticulture, automotive, hardware, flooring, painting, decorating, kitchens, bathrooms, home furnishing, sanitary, doors and windows and storage.
One of the main goals of Made4DIY in the coming years will be to increase the services provided to the associated companies in order to support more and more Italian manufacturers in…
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