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Colour for the garden

The Austrian firm known as Happy Garden Steiner is presenting its “HappyGarden farbiges Holzdekor” as a colourful alternative to bark mulch and other ground covering materials

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New trends in the design of private gardens can be set with this coloured decorative wood product. The colour effect displays to advantage individual plants in tubs and also provides a visual delimitation for paths; it is appropriate for large-scale applications as well. The product is also suitable as a natural soft landing for children’s playgrounds, provided it is spread to an appropriate depth.
Creative element and mulching layer all in one: “HappyGarden farbiges Holzdekor”.
This product is totally natural: chippings from Austrian conifers (spruce, pine and larch) are simply dyed with ecologically harmless natural dyes. It is available from the Hochburg-Ach-based firm in a choice of six different shades: golden yellow, orange, brick red, dark red, hazel and black. Dark red and black are currently only available in bulk, and the other colours are supplied either in bulk or in 70 litre bags that come complete with instructions for use on  product specification in seven languages.
The coloured decorative wood chips possess the same properties as mulching material: hindering the growth of weeds, preventing the soil drying out or mudding up, and protecting it from the effects of fluctuations in temperature. Their stable structure prevents compaction of the mulching layer and so ensures that the soil is well aerated. This makes Happy Garden suitable for sensitive areas as well. What is more, the product is long lasting, weather resistant and colourfast.
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