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Why Generation Z prefers paying for help

Another study has come out in Great Britain showing that the so-called Generation Z (those born after 1997) are much less comfortable with DIY than the "baby boomers" (people born between 1946 and 1964). The study was commissioned by Hometree, a provider of home, heating and boiler cover. Some of the findings include the fact that only 15 per cent of Gen Z would choose to 'Do it myself' versus 47 per cent of baby boomers. The UK average is 31 per cent. 21 per cent would opt for a professional versus 12 per cent of baby boomers. The UK average is 14 per cent.

The reasons behind why Gen Z is so averse to DIY tasks offer an interesting insight into the psyche of the generation, according to those producing the study. 34 per cent blamed lack of time, 18 per cent blamed lack of knowledge - they're more likely to call a professional for help. Of the 23 per cent who selected 'other', nearly 50 per cent said it was because DIY was either 'too dirty' or 'too dangerous.'

When it comes to being 'mentally not up to it', Generation Z were more than twice as likely to give this answer compared to baby boomers.

Baby boomers are reluctant to ask for help when it comes to housework. By comparison one-third of Gen Z interviewees would book a professional for minor chores because 13 per cent deem tasks 'too dirty' versus 3 per cent of baby boomers, and 12 per cent deem tasks 'too dangerous' versus 1 per cent of baby boomers.

Across all generations men and women differ in their reasons for not doing housework. So 10 per cent of males versus 15 per cent of females claim they're 'mentally not up to it', whilst 9 percent of males versus 14 per cent of females blame 'procrastination'. And 6 per cent of males versus 3 per cent of females declare they've 'never been taught'.

|28 May 2019


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