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More than 60 per cent of Germans seek rest and relaxation in the bathroom

In June 2020, Grohe, a brand for holistic bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, carried out a representative study of showering behaviour in several countries together with the German research institute explorare. 3 500 persons from Germany, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia and Egypt answered questions on their individual showering habits and their bathroom design preferences.

According to the results of the survey, more than 60 per cent of the German population see the bathroom as the place which represents well-being and relaxation. In addition, for the majority of those surveyed (63 per cent), their own shower should represent their personal taste and style. This shows that sanitary products are also increasingly becoming furnishing items and their selection is becoming a question of style.

While the majority of those surveyed (94 to 97 per cent depending on the season) agree to the fact that they shower daily or several times a week, opinions are divided on the optimum time of day: up to 47 per cent shower more in the mornings, while 35 per cent prefer to shower in the evening. 46 per cent of Germans use their daily shower for additional personal hygiene routines such as teeth cleaning or shaving. A third of those questioned (37 per cent) use their daily shower for a private song concert. In addition to daily personal hygiene, 41 per cent state that they regularly have sex in the shower, 44 per cent use it to wash household items such as flower pots and 15 per cent even clean car parts in it.

Different countries, different customs

Significant differences emerge when comparing countries: while the majority of those surveyed from most countries are of the opinion that the bathroom is somewhere to retreat to and a place of relaxation, the Danish have more of a practical approach - only 23 per cent of them see the bathroom primarily as somewhere to retreat to for a time of relaxation. According to the survey results, those questioned from Russia and Egypt like to treat themselves to long calming showers and additional treatments such as body peelings. But not only relaxation is important: to give themselves a burst of energy, 42 per cent of Russians rinse themselves off with cold water at the end of their shower.

Both in Russia as well as in Egypt, bathroom equipment provides a multi-sensory experience with light, music and side jets. The French are clearly the frontrunners when it comes to the frequency of showers and water saving: in summer, 86 per cent shower every day or several times a day, in winter it is 69 per cent. However, even though they like showering, 57 per cent of the French turn off the water while applying soap. While most countries show an even distribution between those who shower in the mornings and evenings, in Russia, 80 per cent shower primarily in the evening.

|10 August 2020 | 11:30


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