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Kingfisher shareholders protest against remuneration of directors

Kingfisher CEO Véronique Laury will leave the company in September.

Kingfisher CEO Véronique Laury will leave the company in September.

At Kingfisher's annual general meeting, 24.19 per cent of the shareholders voted against the proposed directors' remuneration, as revealed by the published voting figures. The protest focused on the remuneration for the outgoing CEO Véronique Laury and former finance director Karen Witts, who left the company in March.

According to the remuneration report, Laury is to receive GBP 1.771 mio (after GBP 1.58 mio the previous year), including a bonus of GBP 522 000. For Karen Witts, remuneration of GBP 1.270 mio (previous year: GBP 1.242 mio) is envisaged, including a bonus of GBP 400 800. The company now aims to speak to the shareholders again and publish the result of the consultation within six months.

|11 July 2019


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