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Global DIY market grows 4.2 per cent, breaking the EUR 600 bn ceiling

In 2019, the DIY and home improvement world market turnover reached EUR 618 bn, breaking through the EUR 600 bn ceiling, an increase of 4.22 per cent compared to last year (EUR 593 bn). North America and Europe combined represent approximately 86.6 per cent of this market, although their joint population accounts for only 16 per cent of the world population. The DIY markets of these two continents sum EUR 535 bn, an increase of 3.68 per cent to the 2018 value of EUR 516 bn.

These are figures from the "Global Home Improvement Report 2020". The European Association of Manufacturers, Hima, publishes the study annually in cooperation with the international DIY trade association Edra/Ghin. In addition, data from the statistics department of the German publishing house Dähne Verlag, who are specialised in the DIY market, are also included in the work.

North America and Europe reach 58 per cent and 28 per cent of the world market respectively. North America had the highest average DIY expenditure per capita in 2019 at EUR 972 compared to EUR 932 in 2018.

Approximately 81 per cent of the Global DIY market (EUR 502.2 bn) is concentrated in only eight countries: USA, Germany, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Italy. Moreover, the three major DIY markets in Europe (Germany, France and United Kingdom) represent 50 per cent of the continent's market.

The top 10 major DIY retailers worldwide are: Home Depot (USA), Lowe's (USA), Adeo (France), Kingfisher (UK), Menards (USA), Bunnings (Australia), Obi (Germany), Bauhaus (Germany), Ace Hardware (USA) and Sodimac (Chile). Home Depot and Lowe's alone account for 26.3 per cent of the global market.

The "Global Home Improvement Report 2020" contains a large amount of detailed information, including a global analysis, detailed data on over 50 of the largest DIY markets as well as the top 10 home improvement groups worldwide.

The "Global Home Improvement Report 2020" is distributed by the local associations of Hima: Herstellerverband Haus & Garten (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), IVG (Germany), Inoha (France), BHETA (UK), AFEB (Spain and Portugal), FEBIN (Belgium) and Made4DIY (Italy). International companies not based in any of these countries can buy it at

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