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DIY store study 2020: Globus Baumarkt once again at the front in Germany

DIY store study 2020: Globus Baumarkt once again at the front in Germany

DIY store study 2020: Globus Baumarkt once again at the front in Germany

Once again, the winner is - Globus Baumarkt. The latest DIY store study by Konzept & Markt and Dähne Verlag shows: in terms of DIY store image from the customers' point of view, the DIY store operators from Saarland in Germany are once again right at the front. However their advantage over the new second place has shrunk, despite their own score improving (+44 to 2 600 index points) compared to 2018. The reason: the runners-up have caught up hugely: Obi, the new second, even by +398 index points, Hornbach, who has slipped down one place, by +377 points. Overall, the average value of all 15 recorded operators rose by 368 index points (from 2 088 to 2 456), which on the one hand is due to the newly added Sustainability category, but also the significantly improved individual values. The ranking of the best DIY store from the customers' point of view is gathered every two years.

Overall, 45 image items were analysed from the now eight categories: Selection, Pricing, Quality/Service, Employees, Shopping atmosphere, Advertising, Location/Reachability and Sustainability (new!). For the current DIY store study, in the months of January and February 2020, 2 000 persons in households who mainly take care of purchases required in connection with renovation work, repairs, DIY, crafts, garden work etc. were once again surveyed online using a structured questionnaire.

Further information on the DIY store study 2020 "DIY stores in times of change - how strong are the effects of social media and sustainability?" is available here:

| 5 May 2020 | 11:34

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