Strategy paper, accounting guide and additional task forces

Scope 3 taskforce calls for collaboration between trade and industry

At the 10th Global DIY Summit, Edra/Ghin President Thierry Garnier called on the industry to take action for a lower-emission future.  (Source: Dähne Verlag, Götz)
At the 10th Global DIY Summit, Edra/Ghin President Thierry Garnier called on the industry to take action for a lower-emission future.  

Twelve months after its formation, the members of the Edra/Ghin Scope 3 Taskforce reaffirmed their commitment to working together on this important issue at the 10th Global DIY Summit in Rome and presented a global Scope 3 strategy. The Taskforce is working with Ricardo, a world-renowned strategy, environmental and engineering consultancy. Among other things, the task force has developed a series of recommendations and agreed on more standardised methods for handling carbon data in the supply chain. Best practices for reporting and accelerating progress in reducing Scope 3 emissions were also presented.

Taskforce founders commit

It was also announced today that Obi, a founding member of the Taskforce, is one of the first companies to commit to both the Scope 3 Taskforce Targets and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) since the launch of the Scope 3 Taskforce. Two other founding members of the Taskforce, Kesko and Kingfisher, have already set short-term carbon reduction targets and had these approved by the SBTi. Three other founding members, Intergamma, Lowe's and Maxeda DIY Group, have officially committed to setting science-based targets.

Support for retailers

Edra/Ghin is also publishing the Scope 3 Accounting Guide and a strategy paper today to support retailers on their journey to Scope 3 reporting. The guide is designed to introduce readers to carbon accounting, create an understanding of emissions, and specifically addresses Scope 3 accounting and the different categories of Scope 3 emissions. The focus is on categories 1 and 11, which are generally the largest or second largest category of Scope 3 sources for DIY stores.

Task force for industry

In addition, the "Home Improvement Suppliers Scope 3 Taskforce Taskforce" has been set up. This supplier grouping is intended to mirror the "Edra/Ghin Scope 3 Taskforce" - initially eleven companies will come together for this purpose, according to the association.

Cooperation between retailers and suppliers on a pre-competitive and voluntary basis is essential in order to achieve the greatest possible decarbonisation. To ensure this, the association also announced its intention to expand the Scope 3 task forces; all interested parties in the industry are invited to join the groups.

John W. Herbert, General Secretary of Edra/Ghin, commented: “Only through working together can we begin to tackle the accelerated climate change we are seeing across our planet. This is a call to action to the entire industry to come together now and engage, challenge and inspire one-another.”

Thierry Garnier, President of Edra/Ghin and Kingfisher CEO said: “Now is the time for action and I would encourage everyone in our industry to commit and get involved. By coming together to take on the critical Scope 3 challenge, we can forge a path towards a future that is low-emissions, positive for our businesses and our planet.”

Stakeholders, retailers or suppliers in the home improvement industry who are interested in joining the Scope-3-Taskforces can reach out to

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