2023 statistics from FMB and Inoha

DIY stores in France generate 1.4 per cent less turnover

The French have acquired more expertise in DIY during the Covid crisis.(Source: Dähne Verlag, Strnad)
The French have acquired more expertise in DIY during the Covid crisis.

DIY stores in France generated 1.4 per cent less turnover last year than in 2022. The French DIY retail and manufacturer associations FMB and Inoha published the industry figures for 2023 on Friday in Paris. The 14 distribution chains included in their statistics have a combined sales volume of EUR 23.847 bn. The Adeo Group brands Leroy Merlin (39 per cent), Weldom (5 per cent) and Bricoman (4 per cent) account for 48.0 per cent or EUR 11.4 bn of this figure. With Castorama (13 per cent) and Brico Dépôt (12 per cent), the British Kingfisher Group generated sales of EUR 5.9 bnin France, 24.7 per cent of the market volume. This is followed by the Les Mousquetaires group with a 13.7 per cent share and the Mr Bricolage group with an 8.3 per cent market share.

French DIY store operators realised 5.3 percent of their total turnover in e-commerce. This is an increase of 0.5 percentage points.

Of the eleven product groups surveyed, only four were up on 2022. At a minimal 0.1 per cent, this was the case for hardware and wall and floor coverings, while sanitary, bathroom and kitchen products recorded an increase of 0.7 per cent. The comparatively high growth of 2.3 per cent for paints and adhesives is deceptive in that this category still did not reach the level of 2020 and 2021. The associations point out, however, that with the exception of the decoration category, all product groups are significantly higher than the 2019 figures, with growth in building materials as much as 33 per cent. According to the associations, this also reflects the increased expertise of DIY enthusiasts, who first ventured into smaller and then larger projects during the coronavirus years.

Although 2023 was a year of decline, "the DIY market for large-scale DIY stores remains resilient," says FMB president Mathieu Pivain, analysing the figures. For Inoha president Jean-Luc Guéry, they show that the French still want to take care of their homes - "despite the impact of inflation on their purchasing power".

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