Leroy Merlin leads the ranking

Home and furnishing still weak in Italian e-commerce


In Italian e-commerce, the home and furniture segment still plays a minor role. Last year, EUR 6446.257 mio were turned over in this segment. The growth of 8 per cent has remained below the price increase of 10 per cent. Casaleggio Associati estimates total e-commerce sales in Italy at EUR 75.89 bn in 2022; this was an increase of 18.58 per cent, with 9.43 per cent of the growth attributable to inflation, according to the report "E-commerce in Italy 2023".

According to the report, Leroy Merlin is among the most popular online shops in Italy, ranking sixth in the popularity index. ManoMano is in 15th place, Obi in 65th place. Other companies from the home improvement industry are not represented in the top 100. The ranking is led by Amazon.

In the ranking of the most popular companies in the household and furniture category, Leroy Merlin takes first place; Obi comes in fourth.

ManoMano is ranked fourth in the marketplaces category.

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