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Spanish exports of hardware and do-it-yourself products increased by 18 per cent in 2022


Spanish companies in the hardware and do-it-yourself sector exported goods worth a total of EUR 2,577.86 million in 2022, an increase of 18.4 per cent compared with the previous year. This is reported by the Spanish manufacturers' association for hardware and do-it-yourself supplies (Cofearfe) on the basis of its own export barometer.

Measured by the volume of foreign trade, exports increased by 17.9 per cent compared with 2021 and by 42.7 per cent compared with 2020. According to the association, the most important export provinces were Barcelona, Gipuzkoa and Madrid. The main export destinations were France (+45.5 per cent), Germany (+3.3 per cent) and Portugal (+14.1 per cent). The next most important export countries were Italy (+48.4 per cent), the USA (+0.1 per cent) and the United Kingdom (+18.3 per cent). Of the 10 most important target markets, only exports to Poland declined (-7.7 per cent), according to the association.

At the European level, Spain is seventh in the ranking of EU-28 exporting countries, according to Cofearfe. The ranking is topped by Germany, which accounts for 35.8 per cent of total EU exports, while Spain has a share of 4.3 per cent.

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