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Leroy Merlin Italia offers Arky renovation service

Leroy Merlin's new Arky service is available by the company website or in the stores.(Source: Leroy Merlin/screenshot)
Leroy Merlin's new Arky service is available by the company website or in the stores.

Leroy Merlin in Italy is offering a new renovation service under the Arky brand. The French DIY chain is collaborating with Renovars for this service. House and flat owners can book a turnkey package. They make an appointment with an architect via the website or in the store who then accompanies the customer throughout the project. At launch in June, the service was offered in 35 markets together with 130 partner architects. It will be available in all 50 locations before the end of the year.

Our colleagues of the Italian trade magazine Ferramenta & Casalinghi had the opportunity to talk about this new offer with Alberto Cancemi, the new CEO of Leroy Merlin Italia:

F&C: The Arky project is yet another demonstration of your ability to change skin, with the primary objective of intercepting customer needs...

Alberto Cancemi: With Arky, Leroy Merlin's strategic vision for the future is taking more and more shape: a platform company that combines the sale of products and materials with consultancy and innovative services, establishing strong ties with local companies to guarantee increasingly efficient solutions for customers and residents.

And this is precisely the issue at the heart of market evolution, i.e. being able to transform according to new customer needs?

Let's start from the starting point at the basis of our work: our target customer is the private individual and, today, his needs are constantly evolving and are completely different to those years ago. The entire market must try to respond to these changes in the manner and timeframe dictated by the customer, which is why all companies are transforming. When I started this job, there was only one customer journey: the consumer who entered the shop, walked around the aisles, looked for goods on the shelves, bought and left. Today, the customer needs something else and there are so many paths, all to be fulfilled for those who do our work. The world of services has thus grown exponentially in recent years, to the point of real turnkey projects to meet new customer demands.

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