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Hagebau decides on new umbrella brand


Hagebau, Germany's largest cooperative in the DIY trade, has decided to implement a new umbrella brand that is voluntary for its affiliated dealers. For the first time, specialist dealers will be able to appear under the Hagebau profi brand and document their affiliation to the cooperative. In addition, the DIY stores of the small-format concept Werkers Welt will be converted to the Hagebau kompakt brand. While the conversion to Hagebaumarkt and Hagebau kompakt is mandatory for the franchisees, it will be voluntary for members in the building materials sector and under the Hagebau profi brand.

The cooperative consists of around 350 autonomous partners and operates more than 1,400 locations in Germany and Austria. Thirteen garden centres are also part of the cooperative.

New Logo of Hagebaumarkt.
New Logo of Hagebaumarkt. (Source: Hagebau)
New Logo of Hagebau profi
New Logo of Hagebau profi (Source: Hagebau)
New Logo of Hagebau kompakt
New Logo of Hagebau kompakt (Source: Hagebau)
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