First in Germany and Austria

Obi no longer prints brochures and relies on digital communication

(Source: Obi)

Obi is the first DIY store to abandon advertising brochures and in future will rely entirely on digital customer communication. The step is initially being taken in Germany and Austria. Here, the last centrally managed national Obi prospectus was published this week. The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will follow in August.

With this move, the company is reacting to a significant change in consumer and information behaviour in recent years and the increasing scarcity of paper as a resource. The combination of an individualised approach and advice via the Hey Obi app with a shopping experience in the local stores will form the basis of holistic customer communication at Obi in the future, according to the company. Customers can use the app to connect directly with the experts on site. Other services in the digital offer include direct navigation to products in the store as well as the referral of professional craftsmen.

In the last leaflet, the German DIY market leader provides information over 20 pages about the background as to why Obi has decided to stop printing brochures.

"Stopping brochure advertising is a consistent step in the digitalisation of our business model. With Hey Obi, we already offer our customers much more than a brochure can ever do. And that is just the beginning," says CEO Sergio Giroldi. "The fact that we save a lot of paper and thus energy, chemicals, wood and water with the conversion of our communication is also a responsible and sustainable step in terms of the environment."

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