Second year of the pandemic

Country report with the latest figures on the German sector 2021


Germany is the largest national market of the home improvement industry in Europe. How did this market, whose sales volume is estimated by the German industry association BHB at more than EUR 20 bn, develop in 2021, the second year of the pandemic? DIY International has compiled current facts and information in a country report Germany: the latest BHB figures on turnover development including e-commerce, research by DIY International/Dähne Verlag on the top 5 German DIY retailers (turnover, store numbers, sales area in Germany and abroad), plus a report on the "Obi Machbar" concept store (see above Focus "Germany" or Countries>Germany).

New statistics about the German market

Statistik Baumarkt + Garten 2022 (Statistics DIY + garden retail 2022) provides the key figures of home improvement retailers and garden centres in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It will come out 19 May 2022. Language: German.

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