Two families brought to Cologne

Edra/Ghin asks for help for fled Epicentr employees

John Herbert and the two Ukraine families in Cologne.(Source: Edra/Ghin)
John Herbert and the two Ukraine families in Cologne.

The European DIY association Edra/Ghin is asking for help for fled employees of its member Epicentr. Last week, two families, each with three children, first arrived in Nuremberg and were then brought to Cologne by the association. Here they are being housed and fed at the federation's expense until they receive government aid.

John Herbert, general secretary of Edra/Ghin, is now asking for donations to finance this support. He is also appealing to his members to enable further aid for Epicentr staff who are fleeing to Germany. Herbert had previously been contacted by Yuri Yakovlev, director of operations at Epicentr, and made aware of the emergency situation.

Epicentre, an Edra/Ghin member since 2008, is the market leader in Ukraine. Three of its 54 locations with an average sales area of 22 000 m² have been destroyed in the war so far, in Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Kiev, and another store in Kharkiv is badly damaged, Yuri Yakovlev said. A video documents the destruction of the store near Kiev. Currently, the markets in the east of the country are closed, but in the west they remain open.

This video sent to Edra/Ghin documents the destruction of an Epicentr store near Kiew.
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