War against Ukraine

Russia's press reports on the withdrawal of Obi

An Obi store in Moscow neighbouring an Ikea store.(Source: Dähne Verlag)
An Obi store in Moscow neighbouring an Ikea store.

In Russia, too, the temporary cessation of Obi's business activities in the country is reported via agencies - but without mentioning the exact motives of the market leader in Germany and the number three in Russia.

Thus, the platform Banki.ru writes: "The Obi Group has indicated that further activities in Russia will have 'unforeseeable consequences for business operations', which is why the decision was made to end its presence in the Russian Federation". In connection with the closure of further trading companies, the platform then speaks of the termination of "business operations in Russia in light of a specific Russian military operation in Ukraine".

The platform nsn.fm writes succinctly under the headline: "Obi closes its shops in Russia": "This decision was taken due to the situation in Ukraine. The company has 27 shops in Russia with around 4 900 employees".

And omsk-news.net summarises under the headline "An Obi building materials shop will be closed in Omsk": "The reason was the events in Ukraine. According to the company's representatives, they see no other option than to stop their business in our country. It should be noted that there is only one shop of the chain in Omsk, and it is located on Lukashevicha Street. The official website of the organisation is no longer open. The chain came to Russia in 2003. Almost 5 000 people are employed in the country's 27 shops in total - that's a tenth of all Obi employees worldwide. It is worth remembering that last week an Ikea furniture shop in Omsk was closed. This caused a big stir - people had to form long queues."

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