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Call for help from Ukraine to the home improvement community

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The international DIY association Edra/Ghin has received a call for help from the Ukrainian city of Lviv. Paul Martin, the chair of the retail group at KPMG, the global network of auditors based in the UK, and who was a speaker at our global DIY Summit, reports that his colleague and senior partner in Lviv, Oleg Neplyakh, is working directly with government representatives. He is urgently appealing for relief goods and food for refugees. Particularly needed are:

Essentials for refugees:

Beds, matrasses, sleeping bags

Linen, blankets, warm covers

Plastic dishes

Personal hygiene items

Warm clothing (any size)

Electronic goods:

Wi-fi routers

Power banks

Charger cables (type-c etc)

LED lights

Radio stations

Electric kettles


Med-packs with haemostatics



Haemostatics in different forms


Any canned food

Any spaghetti, rice

Hard cheese, salami or similar (with long storage)

Anything with long storage period

Businesses in the sector who would like to help can contact Oleg Neplyakh,, or Adrian Kozlovskyy,, directly.

Oleg Neplyakh's e-mail in its original wording:

We are now helping Lviv state administration to  tackle the crisis related to inflow of refugees and disruptions of supplies of consumer goods caused  by stoppage of local enterprises and overall safety of logistics inside the country.

We understand that some EU companies already engage themselves in various support programs. For those who would like to contribute anything in-kind but has not yet onboarded any NGO program, we offer direct cooperation with the state of Ukraine and also logistics (provided by donors) from any destination in EU, in particular hubs from Poland.

Given that there is massive disruption throughout all supply chains, almost every consumer good is needed.

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