Zgonc renounces capital "Z" because of Ukraine war

(Source: Zgonc)

The Austrian trading company Zgonc renounces its logo, a capital "Z", the first letter of its name, in its online advertising because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This has been reported by the newspaper "Kleine Zeitung" from Graz. Zgonc operates specialist markets for tools, construction machinery, power tools and garden tools. The logo of the DIY store reminds customers of Russian tanks, which are marked with this letter in Ukraine so that they can be distinguished from the opposing, i.e. Ukrainian, forces. Zgonc says it does not want to "offend people, even though it is not our fault". The company has 35 branches and shops as well as two machine rental stations.

The letter "Z" has since become a symbol in Russia for the support of the "military operation", as the war has to be called there. The letter stands for the slogan "For Victory". The Swiss insurance giant Zurich has also "temporarily" removed its logo from its social media channels because of the war symbol "Z".

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