Average spending power 15 055 euros

Purchasing power of European rose this year by 1.9 per cent

(Source: Pexels.com / Kampus Production)

The average per-capita purchasing power in Europe in 2021 is 15 055 euros. Big differences exist between the 42 countries covered with regard to available net income, however. Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg are way out ahead, while the lowest purchasing power is to be found in Kosovo, Moldova and Ukraine. This means that the residents of Liechtenstein wield over 34 times the resources of Ukrainians for spending and saving, according to the latest GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2021 study.
Europeans have overall around 10.2 billion euros available for 2021 to spend on food, living, services, energy costs, private pensions, insurance, holidays, mobility and desired consumer items. The per-capita purchasing power of 15 055 euros has increased nominally by 1.9 per cent.
The countries in the Top 10 have very high per-capita spending power, which is at least 55 per cent above the European average. A newcomer to the Top 10 this year is the United Kingdom in tenth place with 23 438 euros per person.
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