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Covid-19 also puts its mark on the current edition of DIY International


The new edition of the trade journal DIY International has just been released, and hardly any article has managed to avoid the topic of Covid-19 and its impact, also on the home improvement industry. This is also true of the over ten-page strong regional report on Italy, because especially during the first coronavirus wave, this country was one of the worst affected in Europe. Among other things, two Italian colleagues report on the situation in the DIY and hardware industry. But as usual, there won't be a lack of figures: the statistics department of the Dähne Verlag publishing house, in which DIY International is brought out, has contributed with an extensive overview of the retailers in the country and a breakdown of the DIY store locations.
In the "Distribution" section, the editorial team reports in an extensive article on how the industry in Europe got through the summer after the first wave of coronavirus. This is based on figures reported by the major countries on sales development as well as a special analysis of the European Home Improvement Monitor by USP Marketing Consultancy. Additional reports are provided by, inter alia, the USA and the Philippines. A guest contribution by the service provider GFS deals with, among other things, returns policies in e-commerce.
Covid-19 has also had a massive impact on the work of the international associations Edra/Ghin and Hima. They created the Global DIY Network to get through the time until the next Global DIY Summit. The editorial team regularly visits the digital platform and provides a summary of the first online events.

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