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Smart Home: interest in lighting but not in the garden


When it comes to the smart home, European consumers who wish to invest in this field are mostly interested in applications in lighting (14 per cent) and are least interested in the garden (4 per cent). These survey results by the European Home Improvement Monitor from the first quarter of 2020 have been published by USP Marketing Consultancy. Between these two are the application areas security (11 per cent), heating (10 per cent), door communication (7 per cent) and blinds (7 per cent).
The most important reason against the smart home is, from the consumers' point of view, the high costs (59 per cent). The majority of those in favour mention the opportunities of saving energy and making everyday life easier (each 55 per cent). In addition, many consumers state further obstacles which dissuade them from using smart home applications: the fact that a professional is required for the installation (44 per cent) and that both self-assembly (35 per cent) and usage (21 per cent) are too complicated.
Less surprising is the survey result that an interest in the smart home declines with rising age. It is very high at 55 per cent among the millennials (18 to 34 years), but only 28 per cent among the age group 55 years and older.
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