Mr. Bricolage outstrips its own plans


The French DIY cooperative has expanded its retail area more extensively than originally planned. Sales have also grown considerably

Last year saw the current total of 350 DIY stores operating worldwide under the name of Mr. Bricolage achieve external sales of € 1.138 bn. This amounts to an increase of 12.8 per cent overall or 7.4 per cent like-for-like over the previous year. Retail area increased to 746 000 m², which is 20 per cent above the original planning target, according to the company. The network of outlets also includes 32 DIY stores that are directly operated by the central office itself, or six more than one year previously. Their volume sales came to € 97.5 mio in 2001, an increase of 24.2 per cent. The activities of headquarters functioning as the central office for the cooperative resulted in a volume of € 78.9 mio (26.7 per cent up), so that the total turnover of Mr. Bricolage S. A. of La Chapelle Saint Mesmin adds up to € 176.4 mio.
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