Large crowds – despite the rail strike. 
Large crowds – despite the rail strike. 
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Sustainability preoccupies everyone

This year's International Hardware Fair in Cologne was a showcase for environmentally friendly solutions. Also in focus: the appearance at the stationary POS.
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The stands of the industry associations BHB and HHG looked very green this year - so green that you would almost have thought they were at a garden fair rather than the International Hardware Fair. The floor was covered with a green carpet, abundant plants lined the seating areas and the logo of the manufacturers' association shone in the midst of the verdure. And many of the ideas that the HHG highlighted on ten pedestals at the edge of its trade fair stand were also very green. Association members presented their most innovative products. "Sustainability is on everyone's mind," says Marie-Charlotte Claßen, deputy managing director of the association.

Of course, the topic has many facets, one of which is renewable energies. This year, for example, a number of solar panel manufacturers were among the exhibitors. One of them is Jackery. The company sells solar panels that can be folded to the size of a laptop and expandable power stations providing power for several days without a plug socket.

The latter is a particularly popular approach in the industry, which Jufol, for example, relies on. The construction films have always been made from up to 95 percent recycled material, emphasises sales manager Thomas Königl. The newly founded company Policycle goes one step further: in the production of bin liners, used films that were previously difficult to recycle are shredded and processed directly for the inner layer. This saves on the regranulation process and thus consumes up to 40 percent less energy during production.

Reused material can also be found in the packaging of Mellerud’s new, sustainable cleaners. Under the name Agent Eco, the supplier presented its new range with an initial six liquids, which have been on the market since April. The liquids in the refill pack are highly concentrated and are mixed with water by the customer. A bottle that can be refilled repeatedly is provided for this purpose.

Kübler Workwear has set itself the goal of offering completely recyclable products with its new collection of workwear made from 100 percent polyamide. The company is currently in talks with retailers about how to ensure that the used items are returned.

Similar considerations, albeit a very different range, also existed at Seilflechter. The company has already gained good experience in the hobby trade with a deposit system for spools onto which the ropes are wound. The question now is whether such a system can also be implemented in DIY stores. The…

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