A majority of European consumers believe that plants and flowers can make the atmosphere at home more pleasant 
A majority of European consumers believe that plants and flowers can make the atmosphere at home more pleasant 
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Flowers and plants play an important role, especially during a lockdown and when working from home, a survey in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom has found out
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What impact will Covid-19 have on the purchase of flowers and plants? The question is not only extremely relevant for companies directly involved in the sale of flowers and plants. Because plants are the heart of the entire green industry, their sales are also relevant for the entire green industry.

The Flower Council of Holland systematically investigates this question. For the fourth time, it has commissioned a study on the subject. The market research agency Motivaction surveyed consumers in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain in November 2021 and compared the results with the answers from the previous survey in June 2021.

The most significant result for the industry: the most important buyer groups, namely the so-called Aesthetic Explorer and Status Seeker, still expect to buy flowers and plants more often.

Other buyer groups, however, indicated that they will buy less. This applies to occasional consumers, for example, while those who often buy flowers and plants intend to do so even more often.

Overall, it remains the case that flowers and plants also play an important role during a lockdown and when working at home. Consumers take better care of their houseplants and garden plants during this time, the survey found.

63 per cent of respondents believe that flowers can make the atmosphere at home more pleasant (up from 60 per cent in the previous survey), and 61 per cent of respondents feel the same way about plants (up from 60 per cent in June). Fifty-one per cent believe that flowers can be used to enhance the home work environment (up from 52 per cent), and 53 per cent feel that plants have a positive impact on work at home (up from 54 per cent).

Among Millennials, as many as 59 per cent express this for plants and 58 per cent for flowers. French consumers share even more strongly than other nationalities the conviction that flowers improve the atmosphere at home (75 percent).

Within the Aesthetic Explorer target group, 90 percent agree with this statement for flowers and 91 percent for plants. On average, these figures are 25 percent higher than before the Corona pandemic.

In general, the e-commerce sales channel has gained enormously in importance during the pandemic. This also applies to flowers and plants. Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, 24 percent of the respondents have bought flowers online for the first time and 26 percent have bought plants online for the first time. 29 percent had flowers and plants delivered to their…

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