The 33rd year of the DIY International magazine, 1/2021
The 33rd year of the DIY International magazine was still distributed in its traditional print form. But as from 2022, it is turning digital.
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After 32 years, the trade journal DIY International will no longer be released as print edition in future. Instead, it will be an exclusively online publication. Both publishing house and editorial team are certain: this is the right step because it is future-orientated
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Since 1989, the trade journal DIY International (founded as DIY in Europe) has been supplying its readers all over the world with information on the European and global home improvement and garden market. And it will continue to do this reliably in the years to come - only no longer on printed paper.
The publishing house, the German Dähne Verlag, which is specialised in trade information for this industry, has now made the decision to take this step: in future, the editorial team of DIY International will publish exclusively in a digital format through the well-known address
The website will be completely redesigned especially for this purpose. But lots of which readers have known and loved until now will remain. For example, there will still be the current news on the start page - freely available for all interested users. However in addition to this, there will be a section on the website which is accessible for subscribers only.
The major advantage of online publishing is evident: it is much faster. That which subscribers of the print version with its four editions per year had to wait several weeks for is now soon prepared for them by the editorial team.
"But one thing is clear: the editorial quality which our readers of DIY International are used to will not be compromised in the least," ensures publisher Marc Dähne. He and managing editor Rainer Strnad are in agreement: "It is simply self-evident that information from and for a globally active industry is published via the Internet. There is no faster or more practical way for readers."
Pages will (of course) be programmed to be optimised for mobile devices so that they can be read on smartphones or tablets. Motto: read DIY International wherever you want, on a computer or a mobile device.
The publishing house also sees advantages for its customers who wish to communicate advertising measures with the industry. They will be provided with attractive opportunities with which they will be able to directly reach their target groups on the screen, for example in the newsletter which will be sent more frequently in future than before.
Is it a sad farewell from the print edition? "No - after all, it's the year 2021 we are living in," Marc Dähne gestures in decline. "For us…
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