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The entire communication concept for floor underlays was translated directly into the products and their presentation.
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The Polish supplier Fair Packaging presents a comprehensive customer decision support system during the purchase of floor underlays at Obi
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Obi is one of the leaders in the construction products market in Europe. Its success is based not only on a comprehensive assortment, but above all on a good analysis of the customer's needs, anticipating them and ultimately facilitating the customer's difficult purchasing decisions.
The challenge from Obi was to direct the customer's attention so that when buying a floor, firstly, they knew that they should buy a floor underlay and, secondly, that they would not have problems with the selection of a specific product. In other words, how to make the customer aware of the need and facilitate their purchasing decision.

Customer need

Obi is an international consortium with 40 years of tradition. It manages over 600 stores in Europe. The company has been operating in Poland since 1998, and 59 stores located in 41 cities operate under the Obi brand.
The challenge of each store is to provide comprehensive service to its customers. At Obi, they focus not only on a wide range of products, but also on educating customers and showing them comprehensive solutions. Such initiatives translate not only into an increase in sales in individual product groups, but also a smaller number of complaints - the complete service is simply less problematic. Which means: advantages only.
However, almost every sales group has a product the customer is partly or not aware they should be using. This is also the case in the flooring section where customers do not have sufficient awareness of a total solution. They just don't know what's in that solution, in other words - what to buy. And of course it's not the same as a floor covering.
The aim of Fair Packaging's activities (www. diy.fairunderlay.com), as a manufacturer of floor underlays, was to create a distinctive own brand for the Obi network and to develop a logical and friendly communication system for the end user, which would result in the purchase of a proper underlay.

Brand and customised set of products

The role of the brand and customer trust is becoming more and more important. Customers are more likely to buy products whose values they identify and trust. The consumers want to be sure that the product they choose is sure to meet their expectations. The private label trend in DIY chains is developing for a reason - it turns out that consumers perceive these goods as high quality, but also attractive in terms of price due to the high purchasing power of the chain. They can expect that there is always a recognised manu­facturer…
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