Bravo, metal for renovating old roofs
Metal is particularly suitable for renovating old roofs.
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For Bravo, sustainable corporate success includes not only ­the production of environmentally friendly and high-quality products, but also social commitment and optimum customer service
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Bravo Europa has made it a goal to become the number one among the European DIY suppliers of metal roof and cladding solutions. The manufacturer, with its headquarters in Vienna, is convinced that this is only possible if its products fulfil high quality standards and customers are given optimum support. In addition, the company is aware of its responsibilities to society and the environment. Sustainable corporate success and long-term partnerships can only be achieved by those who consider all these factors, the company feels.
Against this backdrop, the group sustains restoration and regeneration of the European spiritual patrimony, as sponsor in the program for extensive renovation and maintenance for cultural monuments, also educational and cultural programs. Furthermore it supports social actions directed to people in need and persons with disabilities, also environmental initiatives.
When it comes to quality criteria, Bravo Europa is also certified according to ISO 14001:2015. This entails measuring and monitoring processes and outputs to deliver only high-quality products according to stringent quality criteria, the company emphasises. Bravo has three production facilities, one of which is in Germany. Its products include article and raw material selection warranty between 10 to 30 years. Lifetime expectancy for the metal products is up to 100 years, based on raw materials and updated technologies used in production. In addition to this, Bravo offers fully recyclable products and purchases steel for its products and production only from companies who place great importance on sustainability and who constantly invest in new technologies to reduce their carbon footprint, such as Arcelormittal.
And also the metal they use offers several benefits: it is very light, making it ideal for renovating old roofs. Because some old roof trusses cannot carry roof insulation plus a covering with plantiles made from clay or concrete. But they mostly hold the weight of the insulation plus a metal covering. With the light metal plates, users avoid having to completely renew the roof truss and thus save important resources such as wood. In addition, metals can be almost completely recycled. And according to Bravo, also less energy needs to be used in the production…
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