Newbud, sprinkler for garden
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Telescopic High Rise Brass 3-Arm Sprinkler with Step Spike

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Newbud offers the ultimate sprinkler for garden and lawn. It spikes easily into the ground and can be raised to a height of about 90 cm. This puts it above the height of most garden plants. There are three revolving arms on the brass sprinkler head which rotate when water is connected and turned on. It covers a broad area when extended to its full height. The watering is in fine droplets and works well in most environments. It only takes ten seconds to adjust the water pressure to control the radius of irrigation for the size of garden. The water sprays out from the very centre of the sprinkler and out to all sides. It retracts to a small size for easy storage. The diameter of irrigation is around ten meters with a 1/2” and around 15 m with a 3/4” hose connection.
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