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Specialising in horticultural tools
Chang Xing Agronomic Tools Co., Ltd. is based in Liaoning, China and specialises in producing various agricultural and horticultural tools, along with spades, knives, scissors, and pitchforks. The one-piece pitchfork is the company's speciality product. The whole manufacturing process takes place inside the factory, including the production of moulds, presses, wood processing, welding, painting and assembly. 

Plastic technology know-how

Chuan Yi Plastic has been producing garden tools for twelve years. Its patents include water gun accessories, nozzles, sprinklers and water pipes. The company boasts technology know-how in plastics and has a strong production capacity. Chuan Yi allows customisation and focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and on-time delivery. The company has a reputation as a reliable OEM/ODM partner in Europe, America, Japan and other advanced countries.

Dust free anti clog abrasive net

DTC/Brutex is a professional manufacturer of the TW Net, a dust-free anti-clog abrasive net. The manufacturer says the product offers a number of advantages compared with paper and abrasive cloth. The use of TW Net with a vacuum sander could reduce dust by more than 98 per cent. Anti-clog means that after using TW Net, an air gun can be used to blow dust away. The net also has a service life that is three to five times as long as that of abrasive paper and abrasive cloth. The quality is the same as for the current leading products, but the price is much lower.

Outdoor misting system

Newbud has 25 years' accumulated experience of establishing OEM/ODM business partnerships with global brands. Newbud's basic 3/8-inch extension set for its professional outdoor misting system will reduce outdoor temperatures by up to 12°C. Water usage is minimal, as the system only uses two litres of water per hour per nozzle. It is assembled in minutes with durable "Slip-Lock" fittings that rotate 360 degrees to direct the mist anywhere you want.

Opening size adjustable and smooth cutting function

Jiin Haur Industrial Co., Ltd. manu­factures forged garden shears. The company is committed to developing 10 to 15 new products annually. With SGS ISO 9001 certification and a number of patented products, it is focused on European market sales and long OEM/ODM cooperation with global brands. The new JH-7068-2 garden shears are opening size…
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