The members exchange ideas at regular meetings.
The members exchange ideas at regular meetings.
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One year ago, Italy set up its own association of manufacturers for the DIY and garden sectors.
Nowadays, Made4DIY has twelve members with its sights set not only on the difficult domestic
market, but also on the export market for products made in Italy
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One year after its foundation in June 2013, the new Italian association of manufacturers, with members from the areas of construction, home improvement and gardens are making an initial assessment. The association presented itself to the trade public at the Global DIY Summit in Rome, which was organised by the European associations Edra and Fediyma. The twelve current members of the association are: Fab Group; Eureka LTD; Albini & Fontanot S.p.A.; Organisazzione Orlandelli; Vetrotec LTD; Pezzutti Aldo LTD; Volpato S.p.A.; DMM S.p.A.; Plados S.p.A.; Diasen LTD; Bonfante LTD; Arcansas LTD. The companies come from the whole of Italy.
Their product range is very varied and different: components for the furniture industry, glass products or interior decorating, iron and aluminium products, plastics for food packaging, products and solutions for building insulation and finally products for horticulture.
“Our aim is to create growth and synergies between the companies in order to promote their competitiveness and specifically to support them with the export of their products made in Italy”, said the association president Michele Zucca from Fab Group.
In order to better meet the requirements of the European and international markets, Made4DIY has joined the umbrella association Fediyma and is thus able to shape the dialogue with the European trade association Edra. Consequently, Made4DIY is one of the signatories of the Code of Conduct, initiated by Edra, which regulates the general basic principles of relationship between the European DIY operators.
Apart from export, the association, with its headquarters in the province of Pesaro Urbino, northern Italy, is of course focusing on the domestic market in Italy – a market that has been very difficult in the past. In 2013 it did not grow; while the quantities sold declined by 1.8 per cent, the sales volume, totalling around € ten bn, just about, or to be precise, with 0.1 per cent less, reached the previous year’s level.
“Promote the competitiveness of the members”: Association president Michele Zucca.
“Promote the competitiveness of the members”: Association president Michele Zucca.
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