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Worlds of colour open up sales potential

Dyrup is making available a shop-within-a-shop system for builders’ merchants and DIY superstores that is said to increase paint sales by 40 to 80 per cent

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A general trend towards more use of colour in all kinds of painting activities is perceptible in the European DIY sector. Tuscany red, Sunshine yellow or Caribbean blue are the shades now current in European living rooms. In order to meet the demand for individuality in both design and colour, more and more DIY and building stores are making use of paint mixing facilities. The Danish company Dyrup has elaborated its concept in accordance with the requirements of consumers and retailers, adapting it for use throughout Europe. The results of these efforts is a specially developed shop-within-a-shop system.
Dyrup’s shop-within-a-shop system arouses emotions and a desire for colour.
Two years ago Dyrup established its first shop-within-a-shop in a DIY store in Denmark, the home of Bondex paints and varnishes. “Dyrup’s goal is to stand out positively against the traditional displays of paint and varnish in DIY and building stores. Here is where emotions are called into play, where inspiration can be found and professional advice can be obtained. With this concept Dyrup is offering DIY stores a partnership that provides them with a centre of attraction in their store and an interesting sales back-up into the bargain,” reports Jürgen David, head of marketing for Dyrup GmbH in Germany and Austria.
The “shop” area, which is distinguished by having an inviting laminate floor, serves to communicate worlds of colour and different lifestyles in an emotional manner. Here the spotlight is not on products and containers but on shades of colour, on constantly changing “Trendboards” and decorating examples. Generously proportioned colour samples can be taken down from the wall and held against the fabric or pictures that customers have brought with them.
Computer simulations are there to help in selecting and finding exactly the right shade. Spectrometers are available to calculate the composition of the exact hue. The advice and service counter with its trained professional staff forms an important element of the shop.
The colour samples can be taken down from the wall for holding against the customer’s fabric.
Two product categories
“Colour and Care” are the areas covered by the product offer. “Colour” includes all articles under the heading of decorating, such as interior wall paint, varnishes and wood finishing products. “Care” covers all coatings that are prima-rily protective and preservative. These include exterior paints, protective lacquers for metal, glazes and wood…
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