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Brabantia intends to capture the top end of the market, a goal that entails totally repositioning the company and its products

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A family business steeped in tradition, that is one of the pillars providing support for the Dutch company Brabantia, which has its headquarters in Valkenswaard. There work is being done on new concepts and a repositioning of the firm within the international competition, following a decision taken several years ago that this “solid company” should concentrate on five core business segments (waste collection systems, food storage, kitchen aids, laundry care and hardware), which entailed the subsequent disposal of numerous marginal products.
The info board on the „touch-and-feel“  merchandiser features details of individual models.
Take letter-boxes as an example. Here Brabantia intends to be active, as in the case of the company’s other product groups, in an area covering the upper medium range to the middle of the top end of the market. Price should not be the first argument when customers decide to buy a Brabantia letter-box. On the contrary, it is hoped that purchasing decisions will be influenced by the product’s design, functionality and security aspects (of great importance for letter-boxes, of course), together with its inherent appeal, and the ambience into the bargain.
With the new stainless steel range Brabantia is positioning itself in the up-market segment.
Among the features offered by the new letter-boxes from Brabantia are a letter slit with flap, a cylinder lock with two coded keys and XXL capacity. They are weather-resistant, have a rainproof letter collector, and are corrosion-resistant as a result of a Galfan coating. Over and above this they are characterised by novelty of design, in combination with effective materials and colours. Roughly speaking, the letterbox segment is divided into two parts. The traditional part includes the “Modern classic”, “Country house” and “Old English” styles, and the modern one makes use of new materials like stainless steel, ceramics and wood, whereas in design it follows the trends in architecture.
Brabantia has developed a new merchandising concept for sales at the POS. This offers a „touch-and-feel“ merchandiser complete with info board detailing the features of individual models. In addition to this the “Flexoframe” offers the possibility of showing which style of letterbox suits which house. Packaging has also been optimised. It includes information in seven languages and provides an excellent view of the contents (with open front and top). What is more, it has been adapted to Brabantia’s new matching…
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