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Last year Senco, the manufacturer of pneumatic and cordless tools, looked back on 50 years of company history

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Since its beginnings the privately owned company has developed a number of industry firsts. It is today one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of power nailers, staplers and screw guns.
The product offering includes a comprehensive range of micro pins and brads as well as a complete line of staplers and the DuraSpin cordless screw fastening system introduced in 2000. Added to these is a complete line of accessories including compressors and hoses. Senco products are marketed all over the world to both professionals and end consumers.
New to the Senco programme are cordless power nailers
From its headquarters in Arnhem, Netherlands, where manufacturing, warehousing and customer service operations are located, Senco Europe services the European market through distribution partners in more than 20 countries of Eastern and Western Europe. Although many Senco tools are manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), the company maintains fastener manufacturing operations in a number of other countries in order to better meet local requirements.
The company is convinced that power fastening of nails, staples, pins and screws offers several advantages over fastening by hand. A number of studies have proved that the operator of a power tool may experience fastening speeds up to twice as fast as with a hammer.
The actual number of fasteners that can be loaded depends upon tool type and size of fastener, but 75 to 80 fasteners is the typical number that users can load at one time. With coiled fasteners, this number can exceed 200.
Jobs are no trouble at all with DuraSpin.
The fasteners are manufactured with a coating to provide greater holding power. When driving the fastener, frictional heat causes the coating to liquefy, enabling the fastener to be driven easily into the wood with less splitting. What is more, the coating sets like a glue, which helps the fastener stay in the wood and delivers 30 to 50 % greater holding power than hand nailing.
Customer service for Europe is offered through a network of professional distribution partners.
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