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New fixing aids
Tox is presenting two new synthetic fixing plugs: the multi-purpose “A-ISOL” insulation plug and the “GDK” plasterboard plug. The multi-purpose insulation plug (top photo) is used for pre-fixing with chipboard screws to compression-proof insulating materials as well as for the mechanical fastening of rigid foam panels. The new plasterboard anchor can also be used in soft lightweight masonry.
Tox-Dübel-Werk, D-78351 Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Fax +49/77 73/809-190
Quick and secure
Conmetall has added a premium brand to its speciality dealers’ hardware range in the shape of Express, its new generation of universal screws. The new screw is available in a choice of galvanised or stainless steel with posidrive or TX head. It features a sharp thread, compression-proof coating, elastic hardening and an extremely accurate definition point.
Conmetall, D-29223 Celle, Fax +49/5141/18-264
New brand name
Red Head is the new brand name now being marketed by the ITW group, which combines the existing business of Expandet France and Ausmark UK. The spectrum of products includes chemical and extension anchors as well as patented fixings such as Driva, the self-tapping plug for plasterboard. ITW is concentrating on individual products and packaging instead of presenting a uniform product offer for all countries.
Red Head Europe/ITW Construction Products, F-92532 Levallois-Perret, Fax +33/1 47 15 53 39
All-rounder in quality nylon
Fischer’s UX universal wall plug is suitable for any type of wall – whether board materials, solid masonry, hollow brick or concrete. It is the first universal plug made of nylon that knots. The flexible tip of the plug makes it possible to use screws of different diameters and an integrated drive stop prevents premature expansion, during through-frame mounting, for example. Saw teeth stop the plug turning in the drill hole. So-called stop edges function as a locking device, particularly useful for plasterboard, which is a difficult material to work with.
Fischerwerke, D-72178 Waldachtal, Fax +39/74 43/12 819
Practical display
The new outdoor wood screw for use in the garden is a novel product from the company Bierbach Befestigungstechnik that is corrosion-resistant and has good mechanical properties. It is made of stainless steel and the recess head allows for countersinking into the construction timber. Available in three different diameters, each in three different lengths, this screw is suitable for a great variety of applications, especially…
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