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Static world market

The global power tool market remained static last year in terms of volume and went down by three per cent in terms of currency-adjusted value

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It achieved a volume of 7.6 bn euro, according to preliminary calculations made by Bosch Market Research. Approximately 100 mio power tools were sold altogether, the same as in 2000. The weakness of demand in North America and Europe left its mark on this picture, and the small amount of growth outside these two continents was unable to influence the development of the overall market to any great extent.
In Europe the size of the power tool market declined by two per cent to 2.5 bn euro in 2001. A decrease of almost one per cent to 34 mio units resulted in quantitative terms. This development was principally determined by the German market, which again proved to be weak. In terms of value the decrease amounted to five per cent for a total of 0.6 bn euro. For the first time retailers sold fewer tools here than in the previous year.
Demand went down in other countries of Europe as well in 2001. In contrast to past years, no further impulse for growth was provided by the British market, where the volume decreased by one per cent. Incidentally, though, cheap suppliers did manage to gain market share there. France is positioned on the positive side with an increase of two per cent over the previous year. At 109 mio euro in terms of value the market in Switzerland remained static in the year 2001 compared with the preceding twelve months. The market in Austria declined by five per cent, and achieved a volume of approximately 50 mio euro.
North America retained its position ahead of Europe as the largest single market, with a market volume down by three per cent over the year 2000 to a total of 3.4 bn euro. A total of 42 mio power tools were sold there, one per cent fewer than the previous year. The market trend that was already restrained in the first half of the year was further weakened by the September attacks, which affected the Christmas business in particular.
An increase of three per cent by value can be noted for South America. The volume of all power tools sold in Latin America reached 0.3 bn euro. Good demand was recorded in Venezuela and Chile. The market developed satisfactorily in Brazil, the biggest individual market in the region, though demand dropped by double digits in Argentina.
The demand for power tools in Asia rose only moderately in 2001: just one per cent more power tools were sold over the year 2000. The market remained static in terms of value. Development in Asia was marked by a decline in Japan and growth in the remaining regional market…
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