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Victoria Neuhofer presents her franchise system Damn Plastic

In an interview with Ken Hughes at the Global DIY Network, Victoria Neuhofer explained her concept of plastic free consumer products.

In an interview with Ken Hughes at the Global DIY Network, Victoria Neuhofer explained her concept of plastic free consumer products.

Victoria Neuhofer has had the opportunity to present her franchise system Damn Plastic on the Global DIY Network. Along with the online shop (, these stores sell only products that do not use (disposable) plastic following the zero-waste principle. There are currently three stores and five pop-up stores in Germany and Austria, with a further three outlets in preparation.

Although she acknowledges the advantages of plastic, the founder of the system deplores "how we use it in our daily lives". Her argument is that people have lost control of what happens to plastic products at the end of their service life. For Neuhofer, it is not explicitly about moral accusations as in the case of Greta Thunberg, whom she frequently quoted with her famous question "how dare you?" Nor is it about stopping the consumption of plastic; it is more to do with using alternatives, such as recycled materials. She cites environmental protection and safeguarding health as motivating factors.

Neuhofer regards the international DIY sector as lagging behind the food industry, for example, when it comes to awareness of subjects such as plastics usage and disposable packaging. She was also critical of retailers demanding sustainably produced goods from manufacturers but being unwilling to pay higher prices for these. Victoria Neuhofer is a member of the family that owns the Austrian mouldings manufacturer Neuhofer.

|13 April 2021 | 12:10

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