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Obi’s net sales increase by 5.5 per cent

Obi increased its sales in Germany by 4.2 per cent in 2018.

Obi increased its sales in Germany by 4.2 per cent in 2018.

The German market leader Obi increased its net sales in the last financial year by 5.5 per cent to EUR 6.4424 bn. Sales in Germany amounted to EUR 3.2614 bn, equivalent to an increase of 4.2 per cent and slightly outstripping the sales figure outside Germany (EUR 3.1811 bn; + 6.9 per cent). The figures were released by the parent company Tengelmann. The number of Obi stores grew by two per cent in the same period to 668 outlets, while the workforce increased by 4.8 per cent to 47,367.

Want to see more figures and background info for the sector? Dähne Verlag has just published the DIY store and garden centre statistics for Germany (in German) and internationally (in English). You can find more information at

|20 August 2019 | 10:51


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